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About CDIslands

CDIslands is owned by Julian "Kent" Jacobson and Pauline Walsh Jacobson of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Kent and Pauline started the company in 1992 to develop and market a photographic travel guide on CD ROM, "CDIslands® Presents The British Virgin Islands" (discontinued). The company has grown from marketing a single product offering to over 5000 tropical island pictures available as digital stock photography for business use, and for making high quality prints for decorating homes and offices.  In addition, Pauline creates and markets ocean inspired handmade jewelry and fine art originals and prints, mostly watercolor paintings with tropical themes. Visit her jewelry website at, and her fine art website at

Although the majority of the photographs on the web site were taken by Pauline, Kent gets credit not only for his own photos, but for the many times he has acted as the "spotter" on dives, finding subjects for Pauline to shoot. In addition to the Jacobson's photos, the web site features images by Betty Dismukes (Grand Cayman) and James V. Walsh (World War II Nose Art).

Only a small number of our images are represented by large stock agencies. As a result, our images have not been extensively published. If you are looking for low-use images, we have what you need.

Partial Client List:
   Avon Corporation
   Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies /
   Harvard University Biology Department
   Ogilvy and Mather
   Princess Cruise Lines
   NOAA, Coral Reef Conservation Program
   NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service
   SAS Institute
   Scripps Institute of Oceanography
   Schuman Publishing Company (Oklahoma Magazine)
   Time, Inc. (In Style Magazine)
   UCLA /
   Yachting Magazine

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