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Antigua - Pure White Sand Beach - xan10129  Antigua - 365 Beaches - xan11631 Antigua - Friendly People - xan10932
Antiguans boast of their island having 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. While we did not count the beaches, there are certainly a lot of them, and all picture-postcard beautiful. The sand is pure white, the water is aqua blue and palm trees are abundant. Antigua has a rich history, with it's Danish and British heritage. Ruins of forts, sugar plantation and windmills dot the island. Perhaps the best preserved of the old architecture is Nelson's dockyard, a picturesque village of beautifully restored buildings housing shops, restaurants and yachting service businesses. You will not find lovelier, happier, more friendly people anywhere, and smiles and greetings flow freely. Antigua is somewhat unspoiled, quieter and less traveled than many of the other Caribbean islands, yet it does have excellent accommodations ranging from quaint bed and breakfasts to large full-service resorts. We had the great fortune to be hired to do an Antigua photo shoot, and were given an in-depth tour of the island by an Antiguan citizen.

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