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tha10217.jpg (3889 bytes) tha10220.jpg (3177 bytes) tha10225.jpg (3651 bytes) tha10226.jpg (3610 bytes)
XHA10217 - View of Mountains near Lihue, slide XHA10220 - View of Mountains near Poipu, slide XHA10225 - Sunset at Poipu Beach, slide XHA10226 - Sunset at Poipu Beach, slide
tha10227.jpg (3967 bytes) tha10237.jpg (4034 bytes) tha10305.jpg (3259 bytes) tha10306.jpg (3989 bytes)
XHA10227 - Sunset at Poipu Beach, slide XHA10237 - Waimea Canyon, slide XHA10305 - Na Pali Coast, slide XHA10306 - Na Pali Coast, slide
tha10307.jpg (3428 bytes) tha10311.jpg (4736 bytes) tha10312.jpg (4163 bytes) tha10313.jpg (3575 bytes)
XHA10307 - Na Pali Coast, slide XHA10311 - Hawaiian White Ginger, slide XHA10312 - Day Lillies, slide XHA10313 - Tropical Flowers, slide
tha10314.jpg (5224 bytes) tha10317.jpg (4353 bytes) tha10322.jpg (5246 bytes) tha10323.jpg (4962 bytes)
XHA10314 - Passion Flower, slide XHA10317 - Fuscia, slide XHA10322 - Staghorn Ferns, slide XHA10323 - Palm Trees at Poipu Beach, slide
tha10324.jpg (2547 bytes) tha10235.jpg (3920 bytes) tha10236.jpg (3817 bytes) tha10315.jpg (5488 bytes)
XHA10324 - Sunset at Poipu Beach, slide XHA10235 - Waimea Canyon, slide XHA10236 - Waimea Canyon, slide XHA10315 - Passion Fruit, slide

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