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tha30222.jpg (2644 bytes) tha30230.jpg (2288 bytes) tha30231.jpg (4151 bytes) tha30503.jpg (2734 bytes)
XHA30222 - Beach Scene, negative XHA30230 - Sunset near Kihei, negative XHA30231 - Sunset, Waialea, negative XHA30503 - View of Western Part of Island, negative
tha30506.jpg (3257 bytes) tha30510.jpg (3709 bytes) tha30501.jpg (3129 bytes) tha30303.jpg (3448 bytes)
XHA30506 - View of Lahaina from Water, negative XHA30510 - Harbor Scene with Tall Ship, negative XHA30501 - Cruise Ship, negative XHA30303 - Beachfront Street Scene, Lahaina, negative
tha30628.jpg (2767 bytes) tha30631.jpg (3611 bytes) tha30627.jpg (3546 bytes) tha30723.jpg (3089 bytes)
XHA30628 - Beach Scene, negative XHA30631 - Hookipa Beach, negative XHA30627 - Beach Scene, negative XHA30723 - Volcano, negative
tha30720.jpg (2949 bytes) tha30724.jpg (2784 bytes) tha30736.jpg (3454 bytes) tha30806.jpg (3170 bytes)
XHA30720 - Haleakala Volcano, negative XHA30724 - Haleakala Crater, negative XHA30736 - Volcano Observatory, negative XHA30806 - Haleakala National Park, negative
tha30725.jpg (3174 bytes) tha30619.jpg (3330 bytes) tha30228.jpg (2953 bytes) tha30232.jpg (2819 bytes)
XHA30725 - View of Haleakala, negative XHA30619 - Sunset, negative XHA30228 - Sunset, negative XHA30232 - Late Afternoon, negative

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