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tpr10420.jpg (4754 bytes) tpr10510.jpg (4164 bytes) tpr10512.jpg (4567 bytes) tpr10513.jpg (4870 bytes)
XPU10420 - Lobster Claws, slide XPU10510 - Street Scene, Old San Juan, negative XPU10512 - Street Scene, Old San Juan, negative XPU10513 - Old Building, Old San Juan, negative
tpr10417.jpg (3986 bytes) tpr10515.jpg (4493 bytes) tpr10516.jpg (5366 bytes) tpr10520.jpg (5141 bytes)
XPU10417 - Isla Verde Beach, slide XPU10515 - Colorful Building, Old San Juan, negative XPU10516 - Colorful Building, Old San Juan, negative XPU10520 - Plaza Cristobal Colon, negative
tpr10514.jpg (4598 bytes) tpr10519.jpg (6105 bytes) tpr10534.jpg (3974 bytes) tpr10617.jpg (4355 bytes)
XPU10514 - Street Scene, Old San Juan, negative XPU10519 - Plaza Cristobal Colon, negative XPU10534 - Cruise Ship Docks near Old San Juan, negative XPU10617 - Santa Maria Magdalena Cemetary, negative
tpr10603.jpg (4679 bytes) tpr10604.jpg (4573 bytes) tpr10609.jpg (3444 bytes) tpr10619.jpg (4823 bytes)
XPU10603 - Casa Del Ayuntamiento (City Hall), Old San Juan, negative XPU10604 - Plaza de Armas, Old San Juan, negative XPU10609 - San Jose Catholic Church, Old San Juan, negative XPU10619 - El Morrow Fortress, negative
tpr10620.jpg (4194 bytes) tpr10622.jpg (3496 bytes) tpr10625.jpg (3310 bytes) tpr10631.jpg (4087 bytes)
XPU10620 - El Morrow Fortress, negative XPU10622 - El Morrow Fortress, negative XPU10625 - View of San Cristobal Fortress and Old San Juan, negative XPU10631 - Beach Scene near Plaza Conando Resort, negative

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