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Underwater Photography - Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Pictures of Coral Reefs, Tropical Fish and Sea Creatures -  ROA4

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Great Star Coral Solitary Gorgonian Hydroids Florida Corallimorph Red Night Shrimp
XRO10823 - Great Star Coral, slide XRO10824 - Solitary Gorgonian Hydroids, slide XRO10829 - Florida Corallimorph, slide XRO10903 - Red Night Shrimp, slide
Red Reef Hermit Crabs Brittle Star Azure Vase Sponge Stoplight Parrotfish Sleeping
XRO10909 - Red Reef Hermit Crabs, slide XRO10913 - Brittle Star, slide XRO11013 - Azure Vase Sponge, slide XRO10922 - Stoplight Parrotfish Sleeping, slide
Basket Star Feeding and Night Whitestar Cardinalfish Blunt-spined Brittle Star Florida Corallimorph
XRO10927 - Basket Star Feeding at Night, slide XRO10933 - Whitestar Cardinalfish, slide XRO10934 - Blunt-spined Brittle Star, slide XRO11010 - Florida Corallimorph, slide
Sponge Zoanthids Red Night Shrimp Giant Anemone Brittle Star in White Sponge
XRO11012 - Sponge Zoanthids, slide XRO10915 - Red Night Shrimp, slide XRO11024 - Giant Anemone, slide XRO11026 - Brittle Star in White Sponge, slide
White Cryptic Sponge Longsnout Seahorse Orange Seahorse Cute Seahorse
XRO11028 - White Cryptic Sponge, slide XRO11123 - Longsnout Seahorse, slide XRO11124 - Orange Seahorse, slide XRO11130 - Cute Seahorse, slide

Roatan Scuba Diving Sites: Pillar Coral, Deep Eel Garden Night Dive, Too Tall Too Small

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