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Underwater Photography - Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Scuba Diving Pictures of Coral Reefs, Tropical Fish and Sea Creatures -  ROA5

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Prince Albert Wreck Prince Albert Wreck  French Angelfish Yellow-line Arrow Crab
XRO11229 - Prince Albert Wreck, slide XRO11231 - Prince Albert Wreck, slide XRO11317 - French Angelfish, slide XRO11325 - Yellowline Arrow Crab, slide
Queen Angelfish Giant Hermit Crab Sponges Banded Coral Shrimp in Giant Barrel Sponge
XRO11335 - Queen Angelfish, slide XRO11336 - Giant Hermit Crab, slide XRO11408 - Sponges, slide XRO11413 - Banded Coral Shrimp in Giant Barrel Sponge, slide
Creole Wrasse Mating Juvenile Spotted Drum Branching Anemone Foureye Butterflyfish School and Sea Plume
XRO11418 - Creole Wrasse Mating, slide XRO11530 - Juvenile Spotted Drum, slide XRO11536 - Branching Anemone, slide XRO11618 - Foureye Butterflyfish School and Sea Plume, slide
Creole Wrasse Mating Colorful Reef Scene with Squirrelfish Green Moray Eel Snapping Shrimp Adults and Juveniles in Corkscrew Anemone
XRO11633 - Creole Wrasse Mating, slide XRO11720 - Colorful Reef Scene with Squirrelfish, slide XRO11921 - Green Moray Eel, negative XRO12019 - Snapping Shrimp Adults and Juveniles in Corkscrew Anemone, slide
Pedersons Cleaner Shrimp Milk Conch Eyes Rosy Blenny Batwing Coral Crab
XRO12020 - Pedersons Cleaner Shrimp, slide XRO12023 - Milk Conch Eyes, slide XRO12025 - Rosy Blenny, slide XRO11923 - Batwing Coral Crab, negative

Roatan Scuba Diving Sites: Too Tall Too Small, Prince Albert Wreck, Forty Foot Point, West End Wall, 
Melissa's Reef, White Hole, Spooky Channel

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