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Caribbean, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Bequia, Stock Photography - STV3

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Note: Wallilabou Bay, St. Vincent is where the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

xsv20123.jpg (3979 bytes) xsv20124.jpg (3710 bytes) xsv20302.jpg (5769 bytes) xsv20611.jpg (4856 bytes)
XSV20123 - Wooden Fishing Boats, St. Vincent, negative XSV20124 - View from Water, St. Vincent, negative XSV20302 - View From French Restaurant, St. Vincent, negative XSV20611 - Woman with Basket on Her Head, St. Vincent, negative
xsv20617.jpg (3879 bytes) xsv20622.jpg (3255 bytes) xsv20623.jpg (3415 bytes) xsv20624.jpg (4922 bytes)
XSV20617 - Tropical Rainforest, St. Vincent, negative XSV20622 - Wallilabou Bay, St. Vincent, negative XSV20623 - Wallilabou Bay, St. Vincent, negative XSV20624 - Wallilabou Bay, St. Vincent, negative
xsv20703.jpg (3565 bytes) xsv20706.jpg (4141 bytes) xsv20707.jpg (4416 bytes) xsv20708.jpg (4359 bytes)
XSV20703 - Sugar Plantation, St. Vincent, negative XSV20706 - Layou, St. Vincent, negative XSV20707 - Layou, St. Vincent, negative XSV20708 - Layou, St. Vincent, negative
xsv10522.jpg (3358 bytes) xsv10523.jpg (3307 bytes) xsv10524.jpg (3276 bytes) xsv10525.jpg (3570 bytes)
XSV10522 - Harbour Scene, Bequia, negative XSV10523 - Harbor Scene, Bequia, negative XSV10524 - Harbour Scene, Bequia, negative XSV10525 - Harbour Scene, Bequia, negative
xsv10526.jpg (4527 bytes) xsv10527.jpg (3447 bytes) xsv10528.jpg (4421 bytes) xsv10529.jpg (4921 bytes)
XSV10526 - Beach Scene, Bequia, negative XSV10527 - Beach Scene, Bequia, negative XSV10528 - Beach Scene, Bequia, negative XSV10529 - Wooden Fishing Boats, Bequia, negative

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