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French Grunts Coral Reef Scene French Grunts and Diver French Grunts Fish School
XVI50121 - French Grunts, slide XVI50123 - Coral Reef Scene, slide XVI50125 - French Grunts and Diver, slide XVI50129 - French Grunts Fish School, slide
Saddled Blenny Lettuce Nudibranch Branching Anemone Warty Corallimorph
XVI50212 - Saddled Blenny, slide XVI50221 - Lettuce Nudibranch, slide XVI50607 - Branching Anemone, slide XVI50307 - Warty Corallimorph, slide
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp in Giant Anemone Spinyhead Blenny in White Encrusting Zoanthids Sand Diver or Lizardfish Yellowhead Jawfish
XVI50312 - Spotted Cleaner Shrimp in Giant Anemone, slide XVI50327 - Spinyhead Blenny in White Encrusting Zoanthids, slide XVI50333 - Sand Diver or Lizardfish, slide XVI50403 - Yellowhead Jawfish, slide
Redlip Blenny Red Lip Blenny Coral Reef Scene Yellownose Goby on Great Star Coral
XVI50419 - Redlip Blenny, slide XVI50421 - Red Lip Blenny, slide XVI50429 - Coral Reef Scene, slide XVI50603 - Yellownose Goby on Great Star Coral, slide
Branching Anemone Saddled Blenny Pedersons Cleaner Shrimp Pedersons Cleaner Shrimp
XVI50302 - Branching Anemone, slide XVI50611 - Saddled Blenny, slide XVI50621 - Pedersons Cleaner Shrimp, slide XVI50622 - Pedersons Cleaner Shrimp, slide

U.S. Virgin Islands Scuba Diving Sites:  Cut between Cow and Calf Rocks, Booby Rock

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