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Guarantee: If for some reason your download fails, don't worry, just contact us right away, and we will see that you get your file. We guarantee that the image scan will be in focus and free from dust and scratches, and we will replace any file that is defective, or not the image you ordered. In the rare event that a satisfactory replacement is not available we will issue a full refund. Should a refund be required, you must contact us within 7 days of purchase, and agree that you have not used the unwanted image for any purpose other than viewing and will destroy all copies in your possession.

Film photography differs from digital photography in that it has a grain. Negative film has a more pronounced grain than slide film. Each image in the gallery states whether or not it was scanned from a negative or a slide. Grain is not considered a defect, and in some cases, may even be desirable. If grain is an issue, then we recommend that you not order images scanned from negatives that you plan to print larger than 8"x10".

Differences in computer monitors and color management settings may cause the colors of an image viewed online to be slightly different when viewed locally, and is not considered a defect.

Privacy Statement:  Any information obtained as a result of a visit to CDIslands® is not shared with anyone outside of Jacobson Associates, Inc.  Moving to another web site via any of the links on CDIslands® places the user under the privacy policies of that site.

Security: Credit card orders are handled via PayPal Secure Merchant Services, one of the most reliable, and widely used global payment solutions available today. You can order with confidence that your information will be secure. Make sure that when you are entering credit card information that the URL of the page is preceded by https:// which indicates a secure connection.

Copyright: This web site and all CDIslands® images are copyright Jacobson Associates, Inc. all rights reserved worldwide.

Free Personal, Educational and Non-profit Use of Images Posted on This Website: Images posted on this website are free to use and share for personal, educational and non-profit use, as long as the copyright statement remains visible. Use in conjunction with adult or hate content is prohibited. Commercial use without paying a license fee is prohibited. PLEASE DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO OUR IMAGES (known as bandwidth theft), download the image and place it directly on your web page or blog.

Educational and Non-profit Use of Higher Resolution, Non-Watermarked Images: We allow non-profit entities involved in ocean and marine conservation to use our high resolution images free of charge.  Other non-profit entities will receive a 50% discount. If you fit one of these categories and have such a need, please contact us for permission and/or licensing discounts.

Commercial Use: IF YOU PROFIT FROM OUR IMAGES IN ANY WAY, YOU MUST PAY A LICENSE FEE. We provide Royalty Free Stock Photography for commercial use. Royalty free means that you pay for use of the image once, up front, and do not have to pay us any royalties in the future, regardless of distribution size or geographic area. It DOES NOT mean that the images are free! For more information, read our License Agreement.

Links: We actively trade links with quality web sites with content related to ours. We do not knowingly link to sites with adult or offensive material, excessive popup windows or invasive marketing techniques.

All images on this web site copyright Jacobson Associates, Inc. and CDIslands®, all rights reserved worldwide. Unauthorized use without a license  is prohibited. CDIslands® is a registered trademark of Jacobson Associates, Inc.

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